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The Cracked Podcast Virals. On-site security personnel at a casino can only see so much when trying to protect the casino and its guests.

Their staff is on the front lines, both protecting and ejecting guests, and when the occasional temper flares or a misunderstanding arises, the security supervisor must wade in to render casino club in metropolis on-the-spot verdict. But the places have a demand and supply of paid sex, leading the surveillance team to play gleeful games of Spot the Hooker. The responsibilities of security employees range from viewing the rows of surveillance cameras in high-tech rooms to patrolling the casino floors, constantly on vigil for fights, thieves, drunks, and other disturbances. Casinos have no windows; windows show the sun moving. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Security for casino are on the prowl for ways to separate you or even the casinos from hard-earned cash. This is all in addition to the "eye in the sky" security.

Since casinos have such a huge amount of money on hand, they - naturally - have very strict security protocols to make it very difficult for crooks. All About Casino Security - Learn how the big casinos keep their cash safe and what security systems they have in place to protect them. Las Vegas casinos are incubators of the world's most advanced surveillance tech. Here's how the spy gear that helps Sin City has taught.

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